Pics of Blaze


I got this little fellow a week ago. Thought I would post some pics:




I got him from the Kammers. Hopefully someday he'll look something like this:
Please tell me the black in the first picture is a shadow. That guy is much to beautiful for anything to be wrong with him.
Now now, be nice. Screwing up that baby would be a crime.
I posted pictures of my new one's today, take a look. I have a fine boy also.:D
I have a Kammer Sambava and am very satisified with him. They are wonderful people to do deal with! Good luck and happy cham keeping!!
Thank you for the kind words. He seems to be healthy and very active. He's taken to cup feeding very easily and I've seen him drink water off leaves--no idea if he even knows the Dripper exists in his cage. I'm feeding him about 12 1/8" crickets a day. He seems a bit hungry--but I don't want to overfeed him.
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