Pics. Few of my reptiles


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pretty much the same collection i have. 3 chams, 2 cresties, (had) a tokay (getting another one)

theys cute! :) has your tokay let you keep your fingers yet? lol
Nice group, I think tokays are cute but there isn't a chance I will ever own one - nope not me - I like my fingers thank you very much. The pictures of Syn playing with hers just gives me the chills.:eek:
At the moment I got 3 Tokays all Females and 5 Cresteds 3 Gals and 2 Guys. Four Eggs from a girl not posted in the pics though. I never touch my tokays ever and we get along fine.My oldest lets me take her out and move her around while she is in cork. No matter where I set it she'll stay put. Eats out of the log and never goes for me when Im in the terrarium messing about cleaning or chasing stray cricket . I have been bitten and bled the day I got her though. Since then never seen one sign of an open mouth or aggression toward me. My crested probably jump and latch on to my fingers more than tokays try. Tokays bite when felt threatened. Cresteds attack;)

Few of my leopards get in attack mode to . I really just think they are over excited for a cricket and my fingers get mistaken.
lol laurie. get them when theyre babies silly! the'll be sucks when theyre older. lol tokay was the first lizard i ever bought, had it for a week before i brought it back lol. he came a hair away from chomping my thumb off
The pet store made me get him out, and I was bitten. I got $5 discount. Well they didnt make me I offered because I did not want them to rough it up like they were. They missed 3 times smashing it against glass with towel . Me not knowing anything stuck my head in there reached in bare handed snatched up adult tokay getting struck 3 times by it. While another is hanging upside down gaping and their was a loose large boa in the same tank. Now I know
LOL- great story! Well, not the part about how they treated the gecko or where it was kept, but about you reaching in.

You are lucky you got bitten 3 times instead of 1x.

I had one of my girls clamp onto me when cleaning her cage and she didn't let go for 45 minutes! Everytime I moved my hand slightly she would tighten her grip. I got to practice my patience that day. LOL
lmao, both great stories guys. OU i cant wait! my tokays gona $&(*! me up! haha
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