Picky eater?


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Hey guys,

Quick question, has anyone ever ran into a cham that refuses to eat from a bowl? I only had him since friday, and hes in great shape, he will eat 6-8 crickets from my hands during the day but wont eat him from a bowl, I know he sees them cause his eyes lock in when they move, and I start work tomorow I dont want him to starve...



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put a few different feeders in the bowl, write down how many of each feeder is in there. put the bowl in the cage before you go to work and see if he eats any, if he doesn't then do the same thing the next day. if you have an adult cham then feed him every other day and he should get his appetite back



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Neither my panther or veiled chameleon will eat from a bowl/ cup or anything. They will take from my hands or I usually just let crickets free roam since there is no escaping their tongue in the day time. Most of them try to run up screen.


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mine only likes to eat from the bowl if I hold it for him. I put some supers in a bowl and put the bowl in the cage and they were all there. When I held the bowl for him, he ate them! he could see them in the bowl when it was in the cage so that was not the problem! Who knows what goes through their little minds!:confused:


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well I shall see , I have installed 2 bowls in the cage, I leave for work before he is even awake and come back when he goes to bed. I imagine that if he gets hungry enough he will dig in...
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