Picking up New Veiled Tonite


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Hello Everyone,
I will be picking up my 1 -1/2 month old Male Veiled Tonite after work. His name will be Skittles. I have his screened enclosure along with UVB Lighting and Basking bulb all setup for him. I also have branches and fake greens and flowers inside it. I am hoping to be able to teach him to cup feed for me. This will be my first Veiled. I also have a Senegal Parrot, a Parrotlet, and a Female Leopard Gecko. At one time my Son and I had a total of 13 Leopard Geckos which we bred and sold the babies to a local reptile store but when my Son joined the U.S. Navy, We liquidated our herd to just the one that we have now. Once I get Skittles home and he gets settled in, I will post some pictures.

Oh Yes, I have had his enclosure set up now for about a week. I have a UVB light across the top and I also got his basking spot to 92 - 94 degrees with a 100 watt basking bulb. At first I had a 75 watt bulb but it did not raise it high enough.
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