Photos of Baby Sahara


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Here's some photos of baby Sahara. She's around 9-10 weeks old now. Any advice on how she looks ? Also how about the cage set up for dripping water down?

Also how would we know if she's not doing well? Anything specific to look for?

thanks so much!!!

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I think you need to get a uvB light immediatly. Make sure that the food is gut loaded with calcium rich foods and that they are dusted with a calcium powder daily (no phosphorus with D3). There looks to be a bump on her right side near her hip that I think should be a little cause for concern. The tail does not look like it is rolling up correctly either. My opinion is that it would be M.B.D. (metabolic bone disease). This is easily curable and preventable with the above recomendations.

The light that is getting throught the glass is not going to give her UV radiation. Carbon becomes trapped in the glass in the melting process. This will absorb or reflect uvB at about 99.9%. The below statement occurs in the chameleons body when exposed to uvB and is very similar to our own body.

When the skin is exposed to uvB the body synthesis a chemical know as 7-dehydrocholesterol. This is know as cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) then is bound with a serum protein and transported to the liver. Once in the liver it is turned into 25-hydroxycholecaliferol and then again into 1,25-dihydroxycholecaliferol. This will allow the body to absorb calcium through the duodem. Calcium can be absorbed through the small intestine but will not meet the needs of your chameleons body.

Calcium is not just used in the bones. It aids in intra and extra celluar movement through the membranes, blood clotting, maitaining a steady heartbeat. It is also a positive ion and is found throughtout plasma in the body.

The main difference between humans and your chameleon is that D2 can be supplement with people. This is adequate with use not with your chameleon. Start picking up food items in your house most will probably contain D2. Reptiles do not have this luxury. With exposure to the sun metabolic bone disease would not be a problem. With lighting that can be provided inside they still cannot make enough cholecaliferol (D3) to properly absorb calcium. Both should be supplemented together to make sure that you chameleon is getting enough calcium in their body. This supplement should also be phosphorus-free. The insect that you feed them are already very high in this catagory and to much can be bad for your chameleon too.

The cage is a little big for her. I would suggest cup feeding her for the next month or two. Little ones are not as good at finding food. If this cup is put in the same location she will know where to find it. Once she is a little older you can let the run wild or continue to cup feed whatever you prefer.
Okay the light is uvB and the cage is all sides of screen.

Also when you say her tail is not rolling up correctly are you meaning even in the photo where her tail is rolled up?


What brand of light bulb is that then...

There are no incandescent lightbulbs that produce UVB. There are Other bulbs that fit into that type of socket that do, but those bulbs are very large and the bulb would extend past the fixture that you are using.
Do you live in the southern part of the country? If you do and the temps out side are consistant with what you should have you can take the whole cage outside for some natural sun...they benefit from that if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate.
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