Photopollution (veiled 10 mths pic heavy)


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Poor thing but what a stunner!


This is how he woke up on Christmas morning, little Spiderman! He has never done this before.


Cutie, who tried to scratch off loose skin from his casque a little too hard and ended up like this:


Hope the scales will grow back... Do you know if they will?
wow, what a beautiful boy you have there. his patterns and colors are so striking! unfortunate about the shedding problem, but glad he didnt get burned or something worse!
the tough skin probably wont grow back to show the skin bumps and whatnot, but it looks like it is healing very nicely, it will most likely just stay a light colour with no detail.
Thanks for your answer! We'll see what happens with the casque. He actually climbed up to the wire mesh top and scratched his head on that a couple of times before I came to check what the noise was about. Now the branches are lower and that can't happen again.
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