Photo Shoot (Very Pic Heavy)


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I finally got a photobucket account. I'm always just uploading on here, but I'm running out of room. lol. Here are a bunch of pics I took, some with my iPhone some with a camera. Enjoy everyone!

I'm gonna start with the females.
6 Month Old Ambilobe Female

3 Month Old Ambi Female

Occie Year Old Veiled Female

One of my Pygmy females



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I'm a fan of the ferns and other less common plants being used for your chameleons. The chameleons are looking good to.
I learned that ferns don't last too long. I kept them in my Veiled enclosures and I think they eat them. lol. Thank you so much.

Pretty! Wow, your Chams are awesome and your girls are so peaceful and calm. :D
I thought about that and they're pretty calm. After Occie layed eggs she became a total B though. Hopefully my other girls stay docile.

Thanks everyone! I'm gonna try and post some more today.


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Nice group. Im digging Albus. Does his gular area turn white when he fires up? Looks like it would based on the pics of him.
By Gullar I'm thinking you mean neck area. I haven't seen any white except around his lips. He really was the best find ever though.



Stunning shots, your veileds look are amazing (iam looking on aquiring a veiled) tick tock tick tock!!!! :) any chance of a cage shot???? :D


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The Jackson's!
Charlotte is stressed. I just changed her plants and cleaned her cage. I guess she had a good visual of Tiger because that's when she started turning black. And I'm hoping she is preggo.
Here goes.

And her Yesterday


Kinda blurry, but I like it. ha



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Okay and now for some Pygmy's. The male is in the middle, I can tell because he has the hugest eyes.



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Alls I have to say is I am very sad these pics do not capture how magnificent this guy was looking today. He was super pissed. I took him outside for sunlight and I have never seen him show this much color before. :eek:
All I had was my iPhone...

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