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hello im new to your forum. over the last month ive been getting my bits ready to get a chameleon. i have a photo of one from a shop near by that has a nosey be male 5 months old. just wondered what you think

does he look male?
and around 5 months?

The Chunk
chameleon.jpg here he is
yeah he looks 5 monthis..not bad lookin either.....but he looks like a unique nosy be--has greens in him and tiny yellows..either he is from WC parents or maybe he is crossed with something else.....good luck and ask questions we r here to help:cool:
Yes, definitely male and he looks pretty healthy. It may just be the photo, but like Ace says, he looks like a really unique Nosy (I have a nosy, son of wild caught parents, that has a lot of yellow which is not very typical but normal). Is he more blue in person than in the photo?

Coming from a petshop there's always the chance he may be a cross, but if you're just looking for a handsome pet and don't mind too much what locale he is, he definitely looks good. :)
Some of them are greener guys, and some grow out of it. He may not be a 'true blue' nosy be, but I like the speckles of color myself. There certainly are green guys in the wild, but I imagine the people who gather the animals pick the blue ones because they might sell for more?
He is handsome!!! I LOVE his colors already. I hope you get him because I would love to see how he looks after his colors come in even more. What a looker ;)
i havent seen him yet. beasue of work and snow ive been emailing around and they said they send me some pictures. from what ive heard and seen of them the shop is pretty good, they have a male sambva but wont sell as hes ill and trying to get him better. so i trust them.

so youd say he is a definte male. hopefully if still there next week il go and pic up
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