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Hello all! What a great forum. Jenna from Prism introduced me to this and I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and their input on various subjects. I posted a bunch of pictures of various species I have and that I've photographed. Hope you all enjoy. Look them up under the Gallery and then look under FL Chams.
Hey welcome to the Forums! You have some beautiful Chams from the looks of the pics in your gallery, and on your site. Can't wait till you get your site finished, since I will be in the market for a new Cham :D.
Great pics :) :D :cool:

Quick tip #1 :p
A shortcut link to a member's gallery. Try clicking on a member's name next to their forum posts. A menu will pop up with different options relating to that member. Scroll to the bottom and click :) You may notice that everyone has a gallery link, but not everyone has setup their gallery. This is an attempt at preventing the database from exploding.
Nice of you to join us Mike. It will be nice to have some of your expertise around the boards! You have some beautiful chameleons.

Hey Mike!

I purhcased my male veiled (Capuchi) fromy you, and he is by far the best Veiled I have EVER owned! He is now huge (have to update pics) I was going to purchase another male from faunaclassifieds that was from FLchams, but the seller hasn't responded back to me. Thanks,


If you responded to me on Fauna I never received an email or sometimes when you have fill people fill out their email address's they don't spell them exactly right and I can't respond. I'm really sorry about that. Let me know if I can help you. Email me at [email protected]

I loved the pictures of Capuchi I got from you.

Hope all is well.
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