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It says "Submitted photos must not have been previously published or submitted to any other competitions and/or to any media, including, without limitation, any books, magazines, postcards, or calendars."

My photo was recently used in an article on Chameleon News. Does that count? Will I be disqualified if I use it?

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There are two main reasons for the rule in question. First, it is nice to have fresh photos that the majority of members have not seen. I think this makes for a better contest. Second, I don't want to have any legal problems in the future when using contest photos in site logos, images, or promotional items.

I don't think Chameleon News really applies to the second reason above. The rule is intended to try and discourage someone from submitting images that they may not hold the full copyright to. The first reason though is somewhat valid. If the photo was used as the main photo for a particular issue, it would be easier for me to say no. To avoid future confusion about eligible entries it may be best to use a different photo.
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