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I'm dying here guys. I love the thrill of the wait to see if I even came close to winning the photo contest. And fortunately.....I won last month....but unfortunately, that means I cant enter this month. Bummer....
So anyway, here's a pic of one of my newer additions. I got him a couple months back at one of the local reptile shows and he really has proven to be a killer Maroansetra. Gotta love the oranges......I think I may have a thing for orange.....


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Nice! Noah you have some beautiful Chams. He has a nice display of orange, with green, very nice! :D
thanks drake. I cant say enough about how happy I am this guy turned out so nice. It was looking like he was gonna be a dud there for a while.......
Whewy...he's smokin'!

Now that Maroansetra is on fire. Don't 'cha just love it when they literally gain their color overnight? Same thing happened to me, with my Panther. Good thing for us you can't enter your panther in the kills the competition. :p (Hehehehe, JK) Well than, I'll be seeing your stunning pics in the next competition than, hmm?!
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I find that it has happened this way alot with me. It seems to me like all the east coast chams like to wait till their over a year old...sometimes close to 2 before they really start showing their vibrant colors. Even Jokton wasn't all that stunning at a year old. Its only been within the last couple months that he's really been turning the FIRE on. The pic attatched is of Jokton at a little over a year old.
As for my pics killing the competition...I'm going to have to totally disagree. So far both months that I've entered, I really thought I had no shot at winning with all the awsome pics that everyone throws on there. And as for me entering next month. Thats a no brainer. lol. Definately. I got another surprise from Uganda for everyone!! No where near the color....but definately very strange. Some of you will get that hint. Everyone else will just have to wait and see!!!

Anyway, good luck to everyone in this months competition. You can bet I'll still be checking out every pic posted.


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