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The submission deadline for the August photo contest is in one week (July 31). Because we have had so few entries, I have decided to allow two photos of the same chameleon for the August contest. Let me know if you have any questions.

submit your entries here: contest upload link
view contest rules here: contest rules
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I have submitted a photo for you. I am not doing it for the prize as I presume because I live in England I won't be able to recieve any prize as the postage would be expensive. Just encouraging your contest.... ;)
Thanks for the entry; that is a very nice picture. The yellow on Oscar is stunning.

All members are eligible and encouraged to enter the contest. Geographic location will not be a factor in determining the winner. Shipping to England, Spain, and most other EU countries will not be a problem for the August contest. Shipping rules for each monthly photo contest are going to vary depending on the prize and who is offering it. I will do a better job on posting these details for future contests.

Some current ideas on what to do when shipping is excessive:
  • Prize offered by the chameleon forums -
    Ask winner to share shipping charges or provide a gift certificate to a more local store with similar products.
  • Prize sponsored by a third party company (most likely based in the usa) -
    Currently thinking of different solutions for this situation.

The contest rules need a lot of work, especially dealing with international winners. I want all members to be included.
Hi brad

Am having big probs with my camera's software at mo and am unable to use my pc's software(xp), but will post some pics as soon as im able to
i posted my pic for the contest

hello i posted my pic and i look forward to participating in this forum more
I have now entered a second photo to add a bit of variety to the contest!! I thought my red Panther Billy would stand out from all the Yemen chameleon entries!!;)
Last day to enter photos for the August contest. No photos will be accepted after 11:59pm CST (GMT -5). Voting will begin Monday or Tuesday (probably the later).

Nosferatu recently added a couple photos. Check out that tongue!
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