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I had to turn off my family filters to view that 3rd pic.

Just kidding. Hope all goes well. My female ambilobe(chamco zeppo bloodline)should be dropping eggs anytime now. Let me know if you are interested in trading any babies. I would like to trade for a second female from another bloodline. There are pics of the father in my gallery.
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I am trying to collect and breed Red Bodied Blue Barred Ambilobe for now... If yours is Red Bodied Blue Barred Ambilobe... I will keep u in mind!! But u never know......... i might explore some other color morph!!


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:eek: that second pic is like they are saying DO YOU MIND!?!? :D congrats and good luck with a successful clutch.


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to me the second pic looks like she saying "you done yet?" lol, anyways good luck with your future babies!
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