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is there any petshop that sell chameleons here in los angeles? i know there is alot out there in the valley.
from what I've read I wouldn't support any pet store as you maybe buying WC and from what I read they take poor care of them due to being uneducated on their care.

Buy from a reptile show or one of any online breeders. $40 extra for shipping for a healthy well cared for chameleons is far better then paying $300 for a sickly one who dies.
why buy from a pet shop? Most of the time their chameleons have not been cared for properly. Use one of our site sponsors to purchase your chameleon from.
I checked out the petshops when I was doing my research on chams. I felt so bad for the few chams they had. I went with a breeder and am very happy I did. I know where my cham came from and how he was taken care of before I purchased him.
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