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Well i knew of this pet store and their horrible way of taking care of pets (snakes,lizards and birds) but when i first bought my cham i had no idea that buying a adolescent cham from a guy selling them out of aquariums was a bad thing. Good to say that my baby made it and is now a proud mother of 38 :) but anyhoo at the time i had bought my cham there was only 2 chams he was selling and i bought one. Now i go back to see this horrible sight. Can i do anything about this?


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probably not. i went to a pet store and was sicked seeing the state that they had their reptile bins and wanted to call in animal control. they had like 4-5 foot boas and pythons in like 20 gallon aqariums with piles of skin all over thier home and their body's were pressed up against the walls. in such a small home.
You can try to educate him, and if that doesn't work, tell him you will be happy to spread the work about how awful conditions he has for his chameleons. You can even say you belong to this forum and tell him he can get the information he needs on here. Then if none of that works, tell him you will blast his rep all over this forum (even if you can't do it) and that lots of cali people are members. then go to boi and let him have it. Also try reporting him to the authories but I am not sure that will help much.:(
That is horrible. It even looks like his casque might be burned in the first pic. They have the lights inside? That is crazy
this is deffinately wrong!! i would try and educate them too...lights inside the cages? no plants,substrate in there,wheres the dripper? poor babies..kick his ass i say!! if he doesnt change his husbandry after educating him then wait outside and kick some butt when he leaves work:D i wonder if he would let you set up a cage for him just to show him the proper way??? do they even give them supplements? ugh this just makes me sad:( good luck with this,i sure hope it works out for the chams in his so called "care" !
They're trying to maximize space at the animals loss.
Really I don't understand why it's so hard for some people to not do something similar to what I did.
Probably costs close to the same as well.

Can't win em all, only way you can hurt them after offering your assistance is to simply never buy from them.


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You could try animal control, you could also try getting a bunch of cham owners to go in there all together too.
thanks for all the replies and suggestions.I'm definitely going to ask if I could set something up for them (free of course I know that's important for them to know).trust me If I had the money I would buy all of them mand give them the life they deserve.
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