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I know that chameleons are solitary animals and i know they hate attention, but when i walk inot the room he is in he is very interested in what i am doing hecomes to the front of the cage and looks at me and i say hello and then he goes back and basks on his branch. Is this normal or is he trying to tell me something.
I would be very hesitant to attribute any human (or other mammalian) personality traits to reptile behaviour. By doing that, you could easily miss out on signals that there is something wrong with your animal (a very silly, illustrative example: if your chameleon's tail flops from side-to-side, it is not wagging it's tail at you because it likes you: it's tail is broken).

So in your case, the chameleon is probably not coming to the front of the cage to say "Hello". As Turrgon said, he may be expecting food.
But pay attention to your husbandry and the condition of your animal, because if he is coming to the front of his cage whenever you approach, he may be seeing you as way to get out of the cage.
And a chameleon that wants to get out of his cage either wants to get out because he is not comfortable in his cage, or he wants to go exploring for food/nutrients/water that he cannot find in his cage, or if it's that time, he may simply want to go find a mate.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with your cham, but all I'm saying is that you should pay attention: your cham might indeed be trying to tell you something, but it is probably not "Hello".
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