Peppered Mustard Greens Question


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A friend came by yesterday bearing gifts while visiting after the New Year , for my reptiles ( a beardie & veiled cham ) he brought peppered mustard greens..
now I looked and couldn't find anything specific ..but I know most greens are OK for them b/c its part of their normal diet but these are ' peppered ' , which implies to me that they are ' hot ' or 'spicy' variety there a difference ? I have never fed the ' peppered ' variety before & I'd hate to give them anything that may be harmful or burn their lil stomachs or mouths and possibly cause them stomach/bowel movement trouble ...
Any one done this safely ? Or does it make any difference at all ? I just wanted to check it out before I decided to or not. Thanks & Happy New Year to Everyone ....
This is also food people eat, wash it and take a bite. If it is hot and spicy I would not give it to my cham but feeders? Sure why not?
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