peoples opinion on zoomed reptisafe???


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hay i was wondering if any one uses zoomed reptisafe in there water to kill chlorine ???its a blue it ok to use???
I have never used the stuff.... seems like a thing one might use in an aquarium or maybe for amphibians. I don't think you need it to water your chams.
You should use something like that to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water before giving it to your chams. :) I have been using that kind myself and have had no problems.
There are many ways to get chlorine out of water (Chemically, Mechanically, and Naturally).

Chemically: Using something like Reptisafe. Adding a chemical that forces the chlorine to Nucleate (crystallize or vaporize).

Mechanically: Using a filter like a Brita Filter. Running water thru activated Charcoal. The chemicals will deposit onto the charcoal as it runs thru. The big benefit to this method is that it clears out other chemicals ,bacteria, viruses and elements too (like Fluoride, Lead).

Naturally: If your water only has Chlorine it will naturally leave the water if it is let to sit for a couple hours. For every inch of water (deep) it takes about 6 hours. This is the slowest method but its free.

I recommend using Mechanical filtering its not expensive and does and awesome job cleaning water.
just to be safe, i always condition my tap water. im sure that most city/town water is well filtered, and should really only be avoided if an outbreak of e-coli or other contaminated toxins or diseases in the water. I've never personally used ReptiSafe conditioner, I am currently using Exo-Terra's Calcimize and Aquatize conditioners, I usually just use NutraFin dechlorinizer or another type of aquarium water conditioner with electrolytes.

All in all, they all come down to being the same product. it's all just a marketing scheme imho. but better safe than sorry
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