Peggy's second clutch


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I was starting to get worried about Peggy as she and Conner mated end of November, but she showed no signs of laying although she was as fat as can be. I tried putting her in the laying bin beginning of Jan, but nothing so I put her back in her cage.
This weekend when I tried to feed her she just look at the food, but didn't eat so I decided to try again and I put her in the laying bin again on Sunday. She was in the container 10 minutes and she started to dig.
I left her alone to do her thing and later when I peeked in I saw she was covering the hole. I took her out, put her in her cage and then went looking for the eggs, but I only found one.
I covered the hole again and put her back and she did it again. Made a hole, laid one egg and covered the hole.
I left her today while no one is at home in the laying bin and hopefully by the time I get home from work she would have laid the rest of the eggs.
Can anyone tell me if this is normal or does that mean that something is wrong? Also what are the eggs suppose to look like and feel like after they have been laid, because there is a clear difference between the look and feel of her first batch and the two eggs that I already have.
By the way Peggy is a veiled Chameleon and she is about 2 years old now.
It isnt very normal for them to do this..but it can happen.
Just check to see if she does lay the rest of the eggs.

The eggs should be a perfect egg shape with a tight pearly white shell.

How are your other eggs doing? when are they going to hatch?

The other eggs were infertile, I cut them open about a week or so ago after more than 5 months incubating, but no embrios so I am hoping that this clutch is going to be fertile.
Okay, I hope they are fertile too... I also had a few infertile veiled eggs go full term till 6-7 months and did not rot till then.
Often if they fill the hole in but haven't laid any eggs it is a sign of eggbinding. She shouldn't have filled the hole in if she hadn't laid them all.

I have always recommended that people put an opaque container of washed playsand in the cage with all sexually mature egglaying female chameleons and leave it there so that they have a place to dig whenever they need to. That way it decreases the chances of eggbinding.

Letting a chameleon see you watching her when she is digging is another thing that can push them towards eggbinding.

I would recommend that you talk to a vet and see if s/he suggests a dose of calcium and one of oxytocin.
Yesterday nothing happened so I took her to the vet this morning. They are keeping her there until the eggs are laid, they said it would be 1-3 days, so hopefully she makes it. They are putting her on fluids, calciums, antibiotics and taking x-rays to see if a egg didn't break inside of her.
I will let everyone know as soon as I heard from the vet, please keep her in your thoughts so that she will make it through this healthy and happy.
Got the call today from the vet that Peggy is ok and she can come home. I am going to pick her up after work.
She dropped bout 8 eggs at the vet which didn't look very good so the vet threw them away. Since I picked her up from the vet she only laid two and not in a hole like she is suppose to but just in the plants, I found them on the leaves. It looked like she was on her way to go digging this morning so hopefully when I get home she would have laid the rest of the eggs because at the moment she is huge.
PS Yes Conner my cham's name is Conner, always loved that name and he is my baby.
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