Peggy passed away


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Sadly Peggy didn't survive her ordeal with being eggbound, and she passed away today. I am really going to miss her and I hope that the eggs I recovered from her is going to hatch so I will at least have her little babies in a few months. Just wanted to post this in honour of my lovely cham on the her last day of life. I will really miss you Peggy, you left a hole in my life, love you my girl.
I'm soo sorry for your lost. but i can relate 110%. my girlfriend and i lost her first veiled to being egg bound. after trying oxytocin twice and weeks of calcium gluconate, we had no choice but to go with surgery. she made it through the procedure, but passed very shortly after. I still miss her so much =(

but keep your head up man, things will go on and you'll remember what you two gave each other. i encourage you not to let this discourage you from keeping chameleons again though.:(

EDIT: im sure you wont get discouraged. you still have chameleons left and babies on the way! you'll be a great keeper :)
My condolences on losing Peggy. Each of our chameleons add to our lives, Peggy will always have a place in your heart. I hope the babies hatch without any problem. She will have left part of her with you.
Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am going to miss her, but at least it looks like the eggs are all good and healthy. I got 65 eggs out of her after she passed and they are looking very good so hopefully in a few months I will have a lot of her babies hatching and I can honour her by naming one of the babies Peggy jnr.
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