Pearly Panther


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This is Chestnut. Female Ambilobe panther. She's 1.5 years old and never laid a single egg. Go figure :confused:

I have a feeling if humans had tails, they would do the same thing from time to time.

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Count your lucky stars she hasn't laid eggs!! My girl a couple of months younger than your, has been laying for about a week. They are non fertile but that doesn't change what is happening to her. I have put 3 different laying boxes in for her, dirt, sand and a combo, she won't stay in any of them. First she laid 5 eggs on the floor of the cage, next day 2 in a plant, a couple on the floor again, dropped 1 from the shelf her umbrella plant sits on and still you can see the eggs she is still holding. Every day I am afrais I will lose her, and the vet says nothing can be done. I am pulling my hair out about my amblilobe even as my veiled eggs are hatching. Chameleons sure provide a challenge.

Your girl is beautiful and healthy- lucky you.


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Beautiful Vertex! Shes wearing one of those diamond tiaras...:D

Thanks for sharing.:)
Reminds me of on the movie Twilight when edward cullen steps into sunlight and he has little diamond sorta shining things on him (i had to watch this movie with a girl i know ;))
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