Patron you tube video, you HAVE to watch!

So, I am going to try to post this youtube.
My friends in Santa Barbara took it.
They have 2 large dogs, "Baby Girl" is a Mastiff and Patron is a Boxer.
This kept happening and they assumed it was Baby Girl because she is so large and this would be easy for her to do.

Please watch it, Im not sure I know how to download from youtube, because I never have, but Im going to try.

It is titled:

hysterical and crafty

I tried, and I have no idea how to do this.
can someone help me? Jessica, you know how, help!
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Oh Mike, thank you so much!
this vid just makes me giggle
I might pm you to ask how to do this, if its ok

I found it, after I read your post below!!
yay! thank you
im not old school, but certainly not high tech either, as you can tell
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very easy. Find the youtube vid that you like and share it. It will pull up a link that you can copy and paste. start your post, paste the link and voila! :D


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Anne that is just too cute. Do they leave food out often? I am guessing not with that hungry dog. Maybe they should feed him?:D:D


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lol I got a big kick out of this :)
Funny how they kept taking the buns outside but eating the bacon on the spot! Too cute!
These dogs are really entitled and lead a life any of us would want.
It had happened a couple of times, preparing food leaving the kitchen for a moment, and food gone!
At first they thought it was the cat, then baby girl.
So they decided to set them up, add a camera and find out who was guilty.
Tooey decided to add the music and subtitles.

I just think it proves boxers are amazingly smart :)


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That's really funny Anne!! Between years of grad school my wife and I with out two Lab's lived with my mother-in-law and every Sunday for two months she baked a pie and placed it at the back of the stove to cool and every Sunday it disappeared and after two months we found all the tins under the couch :D:D:D

Here is the video embedded in the thread for the lazy viewers;)



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That's funny.

One of my small greedy dogs did something similar with raw duck jerky. She's 17 pounds. She got up on a table (I'm still not sure how she did that one? She's not very good at jumping.) Then she learned how to open the zipped up plastic bag and pulled out 5 or 6 pieces at a time. Only when we weren't looking of course!
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