Parsons Hatching in Europe

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A Parsons breeder from the Netherlands hatched out a Parsons neonate today :D and has some good eggs left for possibly more eggs hatching. Which is great news. However, Sorry I cannot give more details.
Really great news!! i hope that all the babies will hatch and to see some of them in Italy in the future!! ;)
Would love to see pictures/video.

Sorry Syn he posts on another Forums. You probably won't see video or pictures of the Parsons babies on this forum unless the breeder decides to join these forums. He still has more eggs that could hatch out.
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Wow, I bet you couldnt knock the smile off his face now with a baseball bat. :D I'd be on cloud friggin 9 man. Great news, you dont hear about parsons hatching very often....
This is so cool. There are posters on this board that I bet will be there soon and others that hope to be there someday.:p It would be interesting to know how many people in the states are trying to breed or are breeding Parson's. Good luck to those that are. I know a little about the efforts some are putting into the care of these awesome chameleons and I think it's amazing.
I have just placed a rather expensive order for 2 unrelated CB pairs of orange eye parsons. Should be here in around 6 months. I live in central Europe where CB parsons are breeding and hatching at an increased rate. Someone over here is doing really well:D
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