Parasites again


New Member i just had a fecal done on my new veiled and this is what he came back positive for.........


she said there are LOTS of the last one..............i tried looking these up on this forum, but there isnt a lot of says that it is reccomended that he be treated, im wondering how contageous these are and if they can be passed to my panther chameleon.........we try out best to keep everything separate between the two, but who knows, i dont want to risk my Jude getting sick............ANY info on all of these would be greatly appreciated.


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:) yeah, he was really pretty, it was sad he didnt pull through. Just felt like i should try and help out because i know how it felt to get help during a time where your vieled is going downhill.


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i sent a PM to dave, because he was such a great help with Jack, Summoner answers a lot of my posts too..........there are a lot of great people on here


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you might want to also PM Laurie. she has a book on parasites and I'm sure she would be willing to give you a call on the phone.


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What kind of basking spot have you got rigged up?

I really think access to the right temperature is key in any lizard dealing with parasite loads on their own. You can also gutload insects with:

Pumkin seeds
Dandelion root
Walnuts and ground wallnut shells

This should help dramatically, and the proper heat source is vital.

Think about it: when YOU are sick, you get a fever (hot)

what is a fever?

a fever is your immune system running on maximum speed to deal with infections.

Lizards can't heat up, they need to find a hot place for their immune systems to work properly.

At least allow access to 105F, but allow a gradient from 75F. You have to be careful with this because chameleons are pretty stupid when it comes to sitting under a hot lamp too long and getting burned. If you can control it to a few minutes an hour, that might help.


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ascarids (BTW your spelling was incorrect)...scroll down... need to know the species....

bacteria..what was the name of the bacteria?? member of this group is hookworms...don't know what species you're dealing with, but with hook worms "Eggs contain developed larvae and if the egg hatches in the feces the larvae may spread out in the cage and may even infect other cages if instruments or insects transport them."

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Howdy JackAttack,

I didn't see your post before I answered your PM :eek:. I figured I might as well paste it here to share :).

I'm glad that you had a fecal test done. I'll bet that your vet prescribed Panacur and Flagyl or their generics. Yep, you do have to kept things really clean during the treatemt process in order to break the infection cycle. Those parasites should be knocked-out after the usual rounds of treatments spread out 10-14 days apart or whatever your vet prescribed. A cheap yet really thorough coverage of parasites and treatments is Klingenberg's 2nd edition of "Understanding Reptile Parasites". Your vet said "protozoa". Check back to be sure that Coccidia wasn't one of them. If it was then get Ponazuril.
You should also check to make sure that the strongyloids are not Strongyloides stercoralis, these guys attack the lungs and cause URI type symptoms.
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