paranoid or not

My 3 year old veiled about a month ago had been rubbing his vent on my hand as if he need to be breed, his hemipenis did appear and then he started doing it more frequently on top of that his eating habbits have always been kind of hit and miss along with his potty habits his norm has always been potty arond every 3 weeks, I took him to the vet and had blood work upper and lower GI and everything came back normal so we didn't worry too much . A couple of days ago at the base of his tail was swollen on the left and I was told it could be a possible impacted sprem plug so I took him to the vet yesterday and sure enough it was quite first question is can that be because of his lack of frequent potty habits?well today he is still grinding so my second question would be, is it normal for a chameleon to try to hump things? he is still a little swollen today so I am watching it, my last question is about his eating habits, how long is it ok for a chameleon to go without eating? he does not look sick or act sick and his colors are good but I love him so much that I start getting paranoid so if someone could answer some of these questions for me so I will know what I should worry about and what I shouldn't worry about afterall he has been this way for as long as I can remember
I think the humping thing is kinda normal. I too, have had a male veiled that humped every thing and every one it could.... I think there is another thread about one who LOVES a glove or somthing like that! LOL. If the eating and pooing thing has been routine for a while it's more than likely OK if his general health seems fine. Maybe he needs a girlfriend....
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