Panthers-Do they look like their Daddy


WHOSE YO DADDY? I am posing this question because I have not seen much on this topic. How much do male offspring of Panther Chameleons, specifically Nosy Be and Ambilobe(my two favorites) look like their fathers. I mean, most males are sold when they are young, you cannot see the full coloration, so from you guys' experiences, how often, percentage wise or anything else wise, do the chameleon male offspring look like their fathers, and also, their mother's fathers. How often do you get "bad" colorations from "good" colored parent lineage? Thanks for all your feedback.:D
Thanks for the Info

Thank you very much Brad, the article had some very good and unique info. However I went to check out his website to see what kind of results he has had and it didnt have many pics. If anyone else has some info or pictures or links to pictures of actual breeding projects that include the parents, F1, F2 and so on, I think that would be very helpful to everyone:eek:
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