Panther with raw skin or rash on feet and hands


I have been having concerns with my adult male panther and here is the link to my earlier post with the help sheet filled out...

So as of now he has been to the vet, and is just ending his first 10 day treatment of Rept-aid. Today i noticed that the pads of his feet look raw and pinkish, mostly on his hands but somewhat present on his feet! on his 'hands' there seems to be dead skin or a 'blister' in the middle of his hand near the wrist. This might be the cause of his discomfort! I have some crappy pictures taken of it below.



It looks worse on his 'hands' and there is what looks like dead skin or a popped blister, it is hard to get pics of it without help so i'll post those later... My guess is that is irritation from the bio-vines....asides from his plants he has only bio-vines to climb on, the large and medium sized....also, his cage DOES DRY OUT VERY WELL between mistings so i dont think it is wet vines or excess moisture causing the problem...maybe fungal?

knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated and i will try to post better pictures as soon as i can get em

Chams can get bacterial infections on the pads of their feet and probably can get fungals too. Even if your cage does dry out well, there's always the chance that there's been a buildup of fecal matter on the vine and perch surfaces. Most chams mark or rub their vents on their climbing pathways occasionally.

Have you ever scrubbed his vines and perches to disinfect them? It could be that this infection has formed very slowly...and will take time to heal, so I'd thoroughly clean everything more often.
It could be from climbing in the screen. I had a panther that did that and I had to line his cage with a larger plastic grid to keep him off the sides. I still treated the lesions, but keeping off the screen helped them heal faster.
Definitely could be dirty vines, i've only cleaned out the cage and accessories entirely a handful of times! I am going to re-do his enclosure ASAP and clean the vines with a gentle disinfectant and also will be adding a thick smooth dowel for climbing...i will NOT rest until i get kilgore happy again!!
I have given all my cages and vines a good clean, and now it is just up to treating the sores on his hands. I have used betadine to disinfect the feet washing it off with cotton balls then applying neosporin triple antibiotic, but if the hand issue is fungal is this going to be helping? also i noticed my female has some pink areas on the pads of her feet too, no sores but it looks similar to what is on the males feet so i think whatever caused it got to the females cage as well.
No he has not shed recently, but my female just did so hopefully that explains her pink paws cause it does look slightly different than the male who actually has sores.
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