Panther not eating


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Is it normal for a 16 week old panther to just not eat for a few days?? i've tried offering him locust and super worms. and he just ignores them. hes drinking well and is very active, and looks healthy,.

cheers Mike
I always worry when this happens but so far for me it has not been an indicator of any problem for Kitty (who is a veiled btw).
However, that is not to say that everything is fine. Do his eyes seem clear and always open? (sounds like it)
Does the inside of his mouth look pink and healthy?
Have you tried any food that is totally new to him? (waxworm, butterworm)
How are his droppings/urates?
I have a theory that at about this age they go through spurts of growth and have periods of pause when they just aren't hungry. Too many days of this is not good though.
Is it possible he has been eating some when you don't see him?

thanks for the quick reply!!

Yea his eyes look fine, he might of eaten one or two locust when i havent been there but he really hsnt eaten much in the last 4 days now, yea hes urates etc looks fine nice and white. i'll try and get hold of a different feeder, i normally just feed him locust, as they will climb around the cage well so my cham can hunt them. with the super worms i have to put them in a white bowl, i put 6 in the bowl this morning and still 6 there now
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