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hi i am in the proces of trying to decide on a spices of chameleon to get this is my first chameleon but not my first herp i am leaning tords the jaksons but i dont now if this would be a good choice for me becase of it being a montane species. i allso like the veiled but i here they can be a bit moddy at times.i also like the panther but i am driven away buy the high prices any sugggestions would help i would really like to set my mind on 1 species before i go to the chicagoo reptile shows in october
Go with a veiled, instead of calling them moody, call it "Strong Personality". this "Strong Personality" will train you to how you should be treating other species, even ones that are more friendly. Holding them few times and far between... giving them dense vegitation, etc etc.
Veileds are good beginners chameleons. Obviously you have some experience with herps so that consideration is probably not as big as a consideration as others.

First: Veileds get label aggressive for the some of the same reasons that alot of other chameleons do. They are intolerant to other chameleons and invasions of their territory.

Second: Is the owners. They can handle adverse conditions better then most chameleons without ill effects to their overall health. This gives them the label beginner chameleon. Add the over abundance of them in the market where the price tag would normaly scare away some people from purchasing an exotic animal of this nature. Then I think you can see why they get such a bad reputation. I comely tell people that are going to buy them they are aggressive. Why because I do not know if the person who is going to purchase them will work with them in a positive manner and if they will be thoughtfull of the type of enviroment that they come from. If they are not then hell yeah they can be very mean! Down right evil!

Third: Their hunting style. Alot of chameleons sit and wait. A veiled does not. They are offensive. They commonly charge at prey items. They are cunning, stealth, and move with purpose after prey. The word chameleo comes from two words it latin: chami (means geo or earth) and leo (means lion). The veiled is truely worthy of the name earth lion. Their attitude, colors and hunting style shows this. This adds some fun in owning them I think. All chameleons are hands off. So why not have one that is fun to watch.
Well answered, Jordan. That's a great attitude to chameleon keeping in general. They're certainly not creatures you can play with, but they're absolutely mesmerising to observe.

And as Jordan said, the Veileds are fascinating to watch. I don't think you'd be making a mistake choosing one of them as a first chameleon.
thanks that helps there are a few online breeder selling veiled i think i will get a veleid
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