panther in an aviary cage?

My question is....
when my panther becomes an adult, would he be able to live in a large aviary cage?
the bars are 1/4 in apart, more open than screen. I feed him in a cup in my hand so escapees shouldn't be a problem.
Does anyone know of a downside to this?
Thank you, anne
If you have enough humidity it has been done. I even did it with my first girl. Just make sure the humidity is where it is supposed to be.
I have a project I'm working on. I just need to attach the screen now, but I'm just going to use my old macaw cage as an outdoor cage. That way this spring/summer my chams can take turns getting some sun.
bird cages can work very well.

like screen, they do not retain heat or humidity well, so if you live somewhere too dry or too cold or too hot, this is an issue.
obviously most bugs will not stay in the cage, so you'll have to cup feed fast moving bugs
Thank you, I like my cages cause they are 2x3x4, and because my birds are messy, I ziptied plexi glass around the bottom 12 inches on 3 sides so it might help with my humidity problem. Have a mister, hand mist and dripper.
It also gives him more climbing room? Or are the bars too smooth?
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