Panther eating branches


So i got my Panther BB ambilobe 2 1/2 old at Pamona. his awsome his eating tons of crickets and drinking water. but ive seen him go up to the dry branch i have in the cage, and break a piece off of it and eat it. is this normal????


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I had the same thing happen with my new buddy last week. I asked and the response was.. They can't digest it. So it could cause some serious problems It could even get stuck in his air way. So i took it out.


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I would remove it. My chameleon was biting on the tails of these big resin Toucans I have hanging in my tiki bar. I have these ropes that he crawls on out there and the ropes cross paths with the Toucans. Everytime I have him out there I take the Toucans down as I am afraid he will bite a hunk off one of these days! I have no idea why he wants to chew on the tails. It is weird! I have never seen him bite on anything else ever.

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mine does that but he as a sort of twig stump haning of a branch and tries to munch that off. jsut ends up biting it

he was doing it earlier so i gave him some meal worms and he ate. i just thought him chewing a branch might mean hes hungry even tho there was locast in the cage


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He is probably trying to sharpen his teeth so he can inflict more damage when he bites you:D:D:D

Personally, I get sticks with thin barks so if it is ingested there is much less of a chance for impaction or choking. I have been using hops vines since the summer time because my friend grows them and brews his on beer. They work great!

Before someone tells you that you have to bake your sticks in the oven I am calling BS! I just go out, collect sticks, put them in the cage. When its time for them to go, toss them out and get more. I have never baked a freaking stick before I put it in a cage.:rolleyes:

Edit: Fake vines are a waste of money!!! Just go find some sticks with thin bark. If he chews on the fake vines there is more of a chance he cannot digest the material they are made out of than a real stick.


took out the dryed branch i had in the cage. it looks bare, there still is a ficaus in there. but think ill try a different kind of branch.
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