Panther colors, male vs female.


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I am getting a chameleon for the first time AND i have a question. Screameleons have the set up for 325$ for a female, I was just wondering how much more color if any will a male have?

Ive seen pictures of lots of real nice looking males but none of females.

and before yall start i have read everything i could on the subject of taking care of one. I also plan on free ranging it when it gets a little older!!

But feel free to tell me everything i need to know!


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Females do not have the color that males do. Not that they are not beautiful because they are!

Females tend to be pinkish or tan/orange as adults...

I attached a picture of a male and female the female being the pinkish one in the back



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my girl is a very dull pinkish also..still just as amazing as my males, just that males colours are alot bolder and distinct.


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Yeah all my girls have always been sweethearts.. except for one.

Females are also smaller than males

More pic of pretty girls
Very pretty ladies Dez! Female veileds can be more colorful than female panthers.
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