panther chameleon supplementation


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I know there is another fresh thread about this, but its for veiled and i did not want to go off topic for the guy who posted it.

I got my panther from a middle man, it came from a breeder in quebec. This breeder raises all his chams on this vitamin mix, and this is what i do also.

3:1 ratio mix of (3)repcal with d3 and (1)Herptivite, i dust the feeders every third day. And thats what my cham gets. He is growing like crazy and has very strong feet.

Does anyone see something wrong in my supplementing? The guy does raise chameleons so i trust that, from what I hear, on this regimen, there simply aint enough d3 in repcal to do any sort of damage.

Can someone correct me if this is bad, and please explain if this is the case. Some good science would be appreciated.
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