Panther Chameleon Locale? Advice Sought


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I purchased the chameleon in the attached images 1.5 months ago from Underground Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, FL, and he was sold to me as an Ambilobe. The clerk told me that he checked with his supplier and that he was certain it was Ambilobe. The more research I do, I believe this not to be the case. Soon after I bought him, I bought a female Ambilobe from a different breeder to breed with this male in the future. Now, I am caught between a rock and a hard place since I would rather not cross them if they are different locales.

Would you all take a look at the images of him and see what you think the locale is? He is about 11 inches long from tip of snout to tip of tail, and I'm not sure of his age. I am wondering if he is actually a Sirama or Ambanja...

He was very unhappy about having his picture taken so please take that into consideration as well.



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as it matures you can see i it pans out as pure ambanja, but it looks to be pure and ambanja to me. its going to be an amazing looking ambanja at that, im not typically into ambanjas so that says a lot.
Thanks for the compliment. Would you be interested in him? I want to mate my female Ambilobe with another Ambilobe, so I'm looking to get a male Ambilobe...
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