Panther chameleon care


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I was wondering a good site for care sheet for panthers! I was just doing little reading before my nosey be comes! Please, any tips would be great. I wanted to know proper cage and lighting and humidity levels for panthers. Also the correct wattage for basking and heating. And last if reptisun 5.0's are enough for panthers?

Ps: Reptayls, Do you know the breeders and information from the lllreptile site. I was wondering if they had bad rep or poor bloodlines. The person I spoke with said, they are very vivid coloration, bright blue.
You can call me Morgana.... I use the company name as our ID

Yes, I know some of the breeders that they purchase from - and usually it is pretty good bloodlines - but sometimes they get lied to just like the rest of us. As far as the nosy be's go, I think they have 2 suppliers - but I haven't talked with Scott or Loren about that recently, so it could have changed. We usually see the owner twice per year at the same shows we do.

Anyhow... if you want a panther chameleon caresheet, drop me an email at: [email protected] and I will send you ours.

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Your very knowlegable, thanks for all your help! You must have great animals and I hope we do further exchanges
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