Panther brown and black more than colored


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My 4 month old male ambilobe panther chameleon is brown most of the time. He is dark brown more of the time than he is colored. I put about 15 crickets in his cage daily and I always see him hunting and eating. I mist him throughout the day, on no schedule. He has the correct lighting and I am feeding him the correct vitamins. I have had him for about a week and a half now. I don't know much about chameleons so I just want to know if this is okay. I'm just scared he isn't getting the correct care. Sometimes when I come home from school he is even black. It's kind of weird because he brightens up when i'm around, opposite of what I normally read.


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thats part of your issue.
Way too cold.
Try to get taht temp up to around 85 and see how he does.


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I see the red blue and green colors, but as I said not too often.

He's also quite young and thinking back to my guy at 4 months of age, he mostly looked brown unless I got him in the sunlight. I think your temps are only slightly low, he is still young and you definitely don't want to push it into the high 80's. I have a feeling you will see more and more colour with time.

Check out that link to see the timeline of how my boy is developing. May give you some insight.


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Was gonna say, he's only 4 months, he won't have much colour yet, my panther who is now 5 years old was still showing brown at 6 months old, was a late bloomer. Chams also have resting colours such as brown and only REALLY colour up when excited or angry.

If his food is being digested i.e no visible bugs in his poop, he's obviously getting enough heat but still rise it to 85F, just a little bit warmer :)
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