Panacur Solubility

I have had Panacur diluted in syringes that I recieved from the vet. Each use would require that it be shaken up because it would settle out of suspension.

I'm not sure, but I would suspect it was diluted with D.I. water.

I was told by the vet that unlike many antibiotics, diluted Panacur would keep well in the fridge for weeks.
Hmm, Ive just been using either, liquid calcium, tap water, and I used baby food one time. Not sure if DI Water would make much difference. I'm not storing it, I just have Panacur in powder form and inject it via the mouth with a syringe.

As far as settling out of suspension, i can't even get it into suspension. I can manage as is, but would be nice to be able to dilute better.

Thanks Harry.

Did you pickup anything at the expo?
Hi Will,

I buy the large size (had to b/c my local feed store carries the BIG size for horse cattle and other livestock). My biggest problem was the dilution rate, but I used plain water. If needed I will dig up the info on dilution ratio or you can do a search for threads by me & Panacur at Cheri S. was the one with the info (I think).


btw, it is in paste form.
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All sold, with emails coming in daily asking for more. That was the most important part, a large number of cards were handed out. Thanks.

Email me with details of the inc. chameleons.
Thanks Lele, Ill look for the thread. Maybe MWeelock will have something to say on the subject.

Actually, it just dawned on me that it was all in PM b/t Cheri and me. Keep in mind that we are referring to paste. I was using it for pinworms for Darwin.

Here is what she wrote:
The 25mg is the prescribed dose for drago. THat is what you already have I think....... 25 mg/kg of the parancur you have, not the anount to give him. Panacur comes in 25, 50 and 100 mg. My understanding is the one you have is prepared at 25mg/kg.. right? you need to read what it says on the lable, but that is a normal paste amount.

Covert his weight to kg's as I said in the last PM, so that is 0.384. Take the 25mg x 0.384 = 9.65 x divide by converted comcentration which you said was 10% so that is times 10 = 100= .0965. You can round that to .10

dose x weight 25 mg/kg x 0.386
.........................= ........................ =.0.0965 ml ROUNDED UP = .10
concentration 100 mg/ml

Thats is the single and you can repeat it as often as needed at 2 week intervals.

With panacur this is not a big deal as there is a wide safetly range in it, so a vet may half it in doses or even double it and it still be safe and effective

I also found an ancient (2003) thread on KS Health board when I was inquiring about dosing my 3.5g anole :eek: here's the link2003 panacur dose

just a note - is mixing it with liquid calcium a good idea? I would think you'd need too much (calcium) in order to get the panacur to dissolve unless you are diluted the Ca. You can get the paste inexpensively thru Omaha Vaccine - I'm sure they ship to CN

Thanks Lele, the liquid calcium is the one for human use. Lynda developed a system for .3ccs to administer to females well within safety limits. I was only using about that much plus some water. The liquid calcium I am referring to is not the concentrated MBD drops though.

As far as shipping, you have to remember its into another contry with different laws. Heck we cant even get AquariSol anymore (A Very mild fish parasite preventative) because its only made in the US.

I'll look into acquiring the paste, but I have plenty of the powder form for another four dozen chameleon treatments probably.
Hey Will,

I would be really careful mixing it with anything other than water or one of those flavored mixing solutions you can get at a pharmacy without a script (I think-if not, I can get you the internet address of a veterinary pharmacy that can get it for you). It may be a pain to get it to suspension but a good shake usually gets it pretty well mixed. Mixing with things like Ca solutions probably have not been tested so you worry that the active ingrediants may bind and form a precipitate that is not effective for treatment. (Maybe its okay, but why take the chance)

Be careful of the various concentrations that are out there. There is a fairly wide therapeutic index so you don't have to worry "as much" as some other drugs, but please watch those decimal places when figuring concentrations. I do like using the powder form the best as it is easiest to concentrate. The panacur horse dewormer is very concentrated and doesn't dilute as easy into solutions so pockets of stronger doses may occur.
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