Pair of Lat Lats...

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I have a pair of F. Lateralis Lateralis (carpet chameleons) that I need to sell, if anyone is interested send me a PM. I am willing to ship. $100ea + shipping. Thanks.


Not to shabby looking... Damn hot weather here; could not ship for like 2 more months... :( *sigh* Forgot about that little fact... Looks like the carpet pair will have to stay just that untill the summer is over.
Could the female lat live okay with a female panther?

That would be a resounding no… Very few chameleons can be housed together, panthers, and carpets are not on said list… However they do very well in a cage that is a fraction of the size required for a panther.
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Too bad I would love to have that female he has but as of now I have two cages set up one with male and one witha female panther. The female is very docile thought. Would they fight or something or just get too stressed or both?
Both... Also with the carpet being WC I would not want them to be in the same cage as a WC; but then again... I would not house a carpet and a panther... Or anything that was not a pig or jackson cham. just not a good idea!
I still have them...

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I haven't been able to get on here much lately. I still have the pair but I have decided to keep them for awhile since the female looks like she is getting ready to lay eggs again. I may decide to repost them after she lays this time, but im not sure yet.
Sorry just noticed the second page of the post. OPPS!!:eek:

If you decide to sell them at a later time or want to sell some well started offspring please keep me in mind.

Thanks Tim
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thanks guys. I've got 12 eggs that have been incubating for a few months now, and they probably have atleast a few more if im lucky. I will let you all know if i get babies out of them.
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