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Hi everyone! I know this is a forum for Chameleons, and i have 4....3 veileds and one Ambilobe panther. love them to death. And you all are responsible for their health today. But i was wondering if any of you have any experience with pac man frog...well a fancy frog. I have had mine for going on two weeks now. The first couple of days he ate fine and was active...or as active as a pac man can be. However, for the last couple of days since i have moved him to a new container...he has kept his eyes closed and not moving at all. I fed him a pinky mouse yesterday, which he ate fine and now he's doing the same thing.

habitat: 5gal aqaurium, gravel and sphagnum moss.
small heating pad on one side and nothing on the other.
he has water to get in if he wants(mineral water)
I dont have a light on him....
temps: 85 on the warm side and high 70's on the other(77-79)

I have dart frogs also, but they're doing fine....and im just confounded by this pac man frog. I really really like this frog so any help would be appreciated....i have looked everywhere else and have found differing opinions on what to do now im asking you guys...

thanks in advance everyone!


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Have you posted on the TalkTo TheFrog forum? Lots of good keepers there might be able to help. They'll want to know all your terrarium parameters and see a pic probably.


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just my opinion but sounds to me like he may be just in a state of hibernation digesting his huge meal.:D
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