Oz wont eat!


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My 8 month male veiled is giving me grief!! He wont eat anything at the min and im running out of ideas.

He used to eat crickets, but stopped at 3 months, and now he wont even look at them. He started to eat locusts and meal worms and i give him wax worms maybe 1 or 2 every 3/4 weeks, really not a lot at all to be honest. Then he stopped eating the locusts and only ate the mealworms. Now he wont even eat the meal worms either!!

So i just got some lovely large silkworms and he ate 1 and left the other 3! Today again he wont look at the silkworms! He's gettin a little skinny now as he hasn't eaten properly in 3 weeks an i dont know what to do. He drinks fine.

I was thinking bee pollen, i read that its sweet and will encourage them to eat. Ive also been trying to get some butter worms, roaches or some nutri-grubs to see if he'll eat them, but most UK sites are sold out. Absolutely no where local sells them.

Any ideas to get him to eat??



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Jade, Oz is now at the age where his eating will slow down - Amy slowed down at 6 months. They really don't need much food to just sit around all day, lol! Chams will also go on food strikes where they refuse to eat something that they really liked the day before, lol! Does he like super (Morio) worms? My first female went 10 days without eating anything and still had the energy to dig and lay 104 infertiles! Have you had his poop checked for parasites? If you can order online then you could try the place I get my livefood from - they have roaches too (icky things, lol)! Here's a link: http://www.livefoodsbypost.co.uk/index.asp


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I totally agree with Tiff (Miss Lily) at his age he should only be offered food every other day. If he's skinny and not eating then he needs a vet visit and a fecal because he could have parasites.


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He's not vet skinny, ide just like him a bit bigger. Mybe im worrying over nothing. Sorry when i said meal worms, i meant the large super mario worms. He did like them but went off them.

Ill just keep trying. Ordered some silkworms and some roaches, see how he does. How many feeders would you feed him at each sitting?

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Hi Jade , i am also having problems with Mittens eating ,or should i say not eating !!!!! plus know because he is on Baytril for a burn on his back ,he has been picking the odd mealworm for around a month so i have to try to give him his calcium in water ,but last night when he went to eat a wax worm his tongue did not come out properly, so i am thinking it could be not giving enough calcium, he is going back to the vets on Tuesday hope to know more good luck with Oz
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