Owner Sledgehammers Lamborghini !!! + vid


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AN IRATE owner of an "'unreliable"' Lamborghini called in workers with sledgehammers to destroy the car in public after the makers allegedly failed to fix it.....



Not happy with the serrvice, sir ... Hired men destroy a Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car to mark World Consumer Rights Day in Qingdao, eastern China's Shandong province on March 15, 2011. The car's owner hired people to publicly destroy the vehicle when it failed to function after a service by an official Lamborghini service station. Source: AFP

:eek: How much money do Chinese Have?
How ignorant to destroy something so beautiful. Did you see where some rich chinese guy paid 1.4 mil in US dollars over ten million in chinese $$ on a tibetan long coated mastif. I love my english bully adn he wasnt cheap. But 1.4 mill come on! The dog wasnt even all that.
I thought it was great. The guy spent $250,000 on a car and it had engine problems, and the company wouldn't do anything. Now people are going to think twice before giving that company that kinda money for bad customer service. If he would have resold it he would have just screwed someone else.
Theres more to that story than that. A car manufacturer doesnt void a warranty on engine repairs unless: 1. the car was modded 2. The car was shown to be abused & the proper maintenance was not done.

Ive had an engine on my Infiniti replaced under warranty for oil consumption. I had to fight like hell for my rights as a consumer and I had an awesome service tech at my local dealer that knows me and we proved to the manufacturer that my car was basically a lemon. I got a brand new motor for FREE. Didnt mean my car wasnt automatically depreciated due to the fact that the original motor was basically junk. But in the end I got a basically new car at 25,000 miles. So i think the guy modded the car. Im just glad I hadnt modded mine before we realized what was going on. ;)
That Lamb is pretty well modified now! I wonder if they were all reluctant to make the first blow? Wouldnt it funny if somebody coincidently parked their own identical lamb nearby and the team got the wrong one!
How fast can a rich chinese guy run?
"Nooooo the other one you fools!" :D
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