Outside Cham calcium


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Since my cham is caged outside do I need to give the calcium dust to his food as often, and how often would you recommend?
he is on the east side of the house and is in the direct sun over half the day. How often should I give him nonD3 calcium?
Great Ill order that since they dont carry it here without the D3 and they charge 3x as much. Thanks for the help.
Putting your chameleon out in the sunlight allows it to produce vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 allows the chameleon to use the calcium in its diet....therefore, there must still be calcium in its diet....the insects still have a poor ratio of calcium to phosphorous even if your chameleon is in the sun.

When a chameleon is getting sunlight...its the D3 supplements that you cut down...not the calcium.
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