Oustie Update

The big guy is settling in well. Loves Crickets, likes Silkworms, has no use for Hornworms or Supers.


This guy seems to be growing every day.


No growth seen but I love her colors.


For Erik or others who have bred these guys: What are the breeding sizes?

Just so he would not feel left out.

Your ousties look good. Can't wait for mine to grow up. I just recently introduced supers and wax worms to mine. Supers they will eat 1 or 2 a every other day and wax worms occasionally; like once a week. I'm gonna try to start breeding some Dubia roaches and hopefully save some money on food for when my 3 males get older. I need to post some updated pics of my guys too!!
Lloyd, Your female is looking as she may be receptive (all green) have you tried introducing the male to her?
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