oustalet info needed


Tomorrow i am going to pick up my first juvi male oust. the cage i got him now is 24*24*48" I know these bad boys get 2 1/2 feet long or longer what size of cage should i get him when he reaches full man size. right now he is a little bigger than an adult veil. thanks!!!
I have 3 juvi male oustalets. I have them in basically 2x2x4's until they get about 18 months, then I have built 3 different outdoor cages that are just about 4x4x6. The bigger the better is absolutely correct!!
thanks mine is about 8 months from what i'm told he is in a 2 * 2 * 4 cage now and he is bigger then your full grown male veiled he is awesome. I plan on building a new cage when his body gets almost 1 1/2 foots. I love how chill mighty moe is never puffs up or hisses at all.
that's awesome! That is also what I love about my 3 ousties, they are very easy going and very hardy! Best of luck with yours. Post some pics when you get him! Here is a pic of one of my guys.
I would build one, cuz your gunna pay a hefty price, probably like 2-3 times the amount to make it. I so want an oustalet as my next chameleon :)
I would have a cage ready for him before he gets 1.5 feet. Thats not much room for him in a 2 foot wide cage. By the size you are describing him at he should be able to go right into his man sized cage with no problems;)
We have a wild population down here, they get HUGE! I think they need a walk in!

Yes I have read up on the wil populations in Florida. Apparently they have been there for over a decade with populations in the 100s in some locations. Pretty crazy but it also let us know that they can survive extreme cold and heat plus humidity. I keep my ousties in the high 80s - 90s with humidity in the 30s and they do just fine. Great breed to work with especially in az with high temps and no humidity!!! I think they are great! Not super gorgeous but very easy going and easy to care for
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