Our Short Time with Sol'a

Just wanted to add our little girl to the list.

We acquired her on September 13th as a wild rescued Veiled in Ft Meyers. She was thought to have been a male, but much to our surprise she was a gravid female!

We are about to dig up her clutch to find out how many possible babies she left behind. The lay was so much on her, even though she ate and drank and showed no signs of decompensation, she died in the night last night.

We had her just shy of a month but she imprinted on us all. Thankful she isn't suffering, and hopeful for her clutch.

Here are a pic of of little Sol'a, one of the prettiest veiled's I have ever seen.


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Death due to egg binding----​

Just remember it was never diagnosed..
I kept 3 of the babies and they are doing great. The rest are in CA and TX..
Good Luck!
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