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Thought I would share a couple pics of our new male veiled that we picked up on Saturday!! He is 5 months.


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Now you got me wondering!! I will have to check when I get home and I will take some better pictures. I got to pick him out and the breeder indicated it was a male. I did notice quite a bit of a patter on his sides when we did first take him out and then once he settled they disappeared.

It's not only the colors but the size of the Veil that makes me think it's a female, does it have that spur like in the link I gave you? It would be highly visible by this age. It's a bump that sticks out on the back of his back feet. You really need to be sure so if it is a female you are prepared for her to lay eggs. Veileds lay eggs without being mated so you have to be prepared.
my cham is male and looked alot like your guy but like farrahsc says the best way to tell is if there r spurrs.
So I went home lastnight to see if he had little bumps on his back legs, and yes he did. You can definitly see them but they are also hard to get a pic of!


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I dont think Ive ever seen a breeder missex a veiled. If thy did I would assume it was a mixup and they accidentally sent you someones female by mistake during packing. Lets face it veileds are 100% sexable at birth. If a breeder was that clueless I'd go elsewhere.;)

Oh and nice little cham bro. Theyre like crack, and now your hooked. Join the addiction like all of us. :p
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