Our New Awesome outdoor Enclosure!!


Chamalot Chameleons
Ok after many weekends of working on the out door cage and Jason's awesome building skills, it is finally finished.


it is 2.5 feet deep by 8 foot wide and 7.5 feet tall. It is built on the outside of one of the 3 sliding glass doors on the back of the house. So you can sit inside and watch the chameleons from the inside and also have access to them form the inside of the house.


View from inside:


The cage location gets full morning sun until about 10:30 am then partial shade.

The floor is lined with indoor/outdoor carpet to prevent crickets from escaping down under the porch.

The outside door is clear acrylic instead of screen.. We did this to discourage anyone climbing on the door to avoid escapes and accidents when the door is open and shut.


We also decided on a solid acrylic roof that was "smoke" color. This is to stop runoff from the house roof from going into the cage during the rain... Also the smoke color will shade a bit from the sun as it gets warmer...



We have a Japanese maple on one side and a ficus on the other side connected by real vines.



We went with screen as a covering instead of larger mesh because of the amount of wasps that seem to be around.. didn't want one flying into the cage and be eaten by a cham.

It is currently housing about 15 young female panther chameleons all sisters.


I don't know why this picture came out so purple... She is more orange than purple



Lastly here is a youtube video of walking through the cage:


Thanks for looking
Fantastic job!! :eek::D One question, though. When are you coming to my house to build another one just like it? :D:p
That looks amazing!! What a brilliant idea to put it against one of your glass doors so you can watch them enjoying indoor comforts. I'd sit there for hours watching them!! That looks like an amazing habitat for them, especially when those plants start really growing in. Great idea and great execution, I am very impressed (and so jealous)! :)
Very cool idea! I did not know you could house chams together like that? Is it because they are all female?
Thanks every one! we put a lot of time and planning into making it a perfect outdoor cage.

All the chameleons in there where hatched and raised together and are all sisters. They are ok together because it is a large enclosure.

If they where not raised together there would be a higher chance of them having conflict with each other.

Right now there are 15 little girls in there... Ideally we would like to keep less (maybe about 5) as they become adult. But this will do until we are able to sell some and send them away to new homes

Oh an Jason said he would always considering building something for anyone if not too far. We are in Kissimmee FL ;)
Jason did a fantastic job! It looks awesome Dez.

Thanks Jann! One day I was looking at the sliding glass door and I said "you know what wouljd be really cool? if there was a cage out here'

Bam! thats all I had to say he was all over it! Its nice having such a handy man around the house :p
Could I hire you to come out to Melbourne?! You should see the cage I built on the dining table of my apartment, none of the 4 sides are exactly equal or level LOL I wish I had someone handy in my house!
so u can use jap maples, nice.
i like the cage. helps me with my summer cage idea.
u wouldnt want to fly to oregon for the weekend?
and again nice cage.
I must say it looks pretty freaking awesome! I want one too. I tried building a cage outside my window that leads to the patio and my brother ruined it for me. He doesn't really like animals. :(

Maybe I'll try it again and see how things go. Hehehe.
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