Other Tanzanian/Cameroonian Chameleons For Sale

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Chris Anderson

Dr. House of Chameleons
These animals have recently been acquired for the purpose of trying to establish increased breeding efforts in the US and are intended for experienced keepers only.

Bradypodion tavetanum "New Locale", Dwarf Fischer's Chameleon - $250/reverse trio + shipping



Bradypodion fischeri multituberculatum, Western Usambara Fischer's Chameleon - $75ea + shipping


Ch. deremensis, Usambara Giant Three-Horned Chameleon. Nice Subadults - $250/1.2 + shipping, $320/1.3 + shipping or $550/2.5 + shipping


Chamaeleo bitaeniatus, Side Striped Chameleon - $75ea + shipping


Chamaeleo sternfeldi, Often sold as "rudis" - $85ea + shipping


Chamaeleo fuelleborni, Poroto Mountain Three-Horned Chameleon - $100/pr + shipping


Chamaeleo jacksonii merumontanus, Mt. Meru Jackson's Chameleon, beautiful subadult pair - $200/pr + shipping


Chamaeleo q. quadricornis, Four-Horned Chameleon, beautiful subadult pair - $200/pr + shipping


All potential buyers will be screened and I reserve the right to deny sale to anyone for any reason. Certain terms and conditions apply for the sale of certain species. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information and if interested.


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Wow !!! What a beautiful gems. What a pitty living overseas far away from you Chris and your variety of these little honeys. I´m jealous to all who can pick a choice. :)
Hope to see more pictures till you sell them
Ch. quadricornis are sold. Only one male Ch. fuelleborni left - $60 + shipping.

Additional Photos:

Subadult Ch. deremensis:

Subadult Ch. jacksonii merumontanus pair:


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merumontanus are sold.

Ch. quadricornis are sold.

Ch. bitaeniatus are $100/pr

Ch. sternfeldi are $130/pr or $60/male

Ch. dermensis are $250/1.2 or $320/1.3

Ch. fuelleborni is $60/male

New Locale B. tavetanum are $200/pr or $250/reverse trio

Juvenile B. f. multituberculatum are $150/pr or $70/male

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Bump. Still have a number of chams available. Here is another pic of one of the juvenile sternfeldi (rudis) I have available:


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Hey Chris. All of them look awesome and the pics without your hands in them are very nice:p! I know this is an old ad but I was wondering if you would enlighten me about the new locale of K. tavetana? I see firstchoice has them labled as yellow phase/green phase?

I also have to ask, are they still available:rolleyes:

I wish I had more information to give you on the locale. Nick at First Choice gets his from the same source in Tanzania as I got those animals from so they are the same locale. The location of that locale has not been disclosed to me, however and I really have not seen any information on locale variants in K. tavetana yet.

Unfortunately they aren't still available :D. You might give Nick a call though, he may have just gotten some.

Thanks for your reply Chris. I didnt think they would be available but I had to ask;) One more question. Would you keep breeding from Nicks source isolated from breeding with anothers source, say off of Kingsnake?

Sorry Chuck:p
If you were interested in trying to get a hold of the new locale, I would try to keep it pure if you could. If you're just looking for new blood for your breeding group, not necessarily the new locale, I wouldn't worry about it.

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