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Does anyone know of any where else that sells cheaper nozzles and fittings then pro-products? I want to expand my pro-mist but dont want to buy 10 nozzles for 100$ if there is something just as good for cheaper. Also, I am looking for cheaper quick connect fittings as well! Thanks.
I buy misting nozzles, tees, and end elbows from www.simplisticmisting.com. Lorraine has the nice plastic misting heads that are equipped with screen filters, and simple tees and elbows to fit them. The tees and elbows do require 3/8" tubing, though. Believe me, I tried to make them fit in 1/4", and.. well.. they don't. These parts make for a simple but inexpensive misting head assembly. I really like the misting heads because you can pop out the filters and clean or replace them when they get funked up by the minerals in the water. The red heads produce a really fine mist.

I second www.simplisticmisting.com. I just ordered 10 of them with the PVC connectors at a great price. Lorraine was great to work with.
I recommend the 'red' colored nozzles that are low flow and produce a very fine mist.
Well I see it's the same seller that sells both so nevermind. Does anyone use those brass nozzles? Are they any good?
I used the brass nozzles with a homemade misting system, and they don't require high pressure. They work good, have a nice mist. The mist isn't as fine as with the red nozzles, but I believe that her 1/4" tees are meant for them. The problem with the brass nozzles is that they build up minerals really fast, and there isn't really a good way to clean them. I tried everything to get a little more life out of them.. I soaked them in lime remover, used needles to clean the sprayer tip, etc. Once they are gone, they are pretty much gone. And, it doesn't take long. I was going through a misting head every couple of weeks sometimes, and I was running the system with a heavy duty inline filter. They also don't have that little screen filter that the red ones do. Those screens are the coolest thing about those heads, IMO.. you can pull them out and just rinse them when the head starts to clog, put them back, and presto, the heads work well again.
I just got these nozzles and T's www.simplisticmisting.com and.... they dont fit the 1/4" tubing from the pro-mist tubes. I would get the 3/8" tees and some 3'8" tubing, but I think i will run into the same problem. Will 3\4 inch tubing fit onto the 1/4" connectors? how can I get these to work? Thanks.
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Home Depot

HOME DEPOT HOME DEPOT HOME DEPOT. Check out the gardening/hose/watering isle. You will find a few nozzels to choose from varying in mist droplet sizes. One nozzle choice labeled as a "fogger" nozzle comes in a small plastic bag of about 6 or so nozzels for a rip price tag of only $7.00 or cheaper!!!! These nozzles are tan in color, plastic, and are made up of two pieces that screw together. They are 1/4'' and can be mounted directly into pvc pipe or onto 1/4'' tubing. The prong that you stick into the tubing is threaded, if the pressure from the pump is too high and the nozzels are blowing off the ends of the tubing then simply superglue them to the tubing!! Just run lots of water through them once its dry to make sure any fumes from the glue have passed through...To clean the nozzels you just unscrew the top off and clean away, very very easy to do! Aslo on that isle you will find all of your fitting "L" shaped fittings etc. of all sizes. Not to mention extra tubing. Gooood luck!!!
Well I should have listened to heika, i thought the 3/8'' tees would fit the 3/8" tube and 1/4" tee to 1/4" tube, but thats the diameter of the tee, I ordered some 3/8" tubing and some 1/4" to 3/8" unions so ill just have to piece this thing together, still a lot cheaper then buying nozzles for 10$ each.
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