Other places to buy Hornworms?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Sancho, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Sancho

    Sancho New Member

    I'm looking to buy 4 cups with 20+ hornworms in them. I've looked at a couple sites. Prices below

    1.) Mulberryfarms - 4 cups for $29.95 + shipping (unknown amount in cups)
    2.) Great Lakes - 4 cups for $34.95 + Shipping (25-30 worms per cup)
    3.) TikiTikiReptiles - 4 Cups for $40.00 + Shipping (unknown amount in cups)
    4.) Coastal - 4 cups for $33.00 + Shipping (15-20 worms per cup)
    5.) top hat cricket farms - 4 Cups for $44 + shipping (12 per cup)

    Any other places?
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  2. Lizardlover

    Lizardlover New Member

    well, mulberry farms has 12-20 in there cups just so ya know, and top hat cricket farms sell them, i dont know for how much though
  3. Sancho

    Sancho New Member

    Just checked out their site and it's 12 for $11
  4. I am going to mulberry farms tomorrow. If I pick them up he gives me a good price (lower then what's on the site). If you want I can get four cups of hornworms for you. I live in Brea, what size would you want?
  5. dodolah

    dodolah Retired Moderator

    Hey Kevin,
    pick up 2 cups for me please. I'll pay you when i pick them up :)
    get the smallest size worms.
  6. lol OK. Anyone else? :D
  7. Sancho

    Sancho New Member

    Dang I think I missed this. Was busy all weekend and didn't get a chance to check the forums :(
  8. adam1v

    adam1v New Member

    does anyone know if these are available in the UK?
  9. Sancho

    Sancho New Member

    I don't think so.
  10. Picasso123

    Picasso123 New Member

    Seeing as one worm can destroy several plants and they enjoy eating our food producing ones, exporting them there is NOT gonna happen.
  11. dennisk

    dennisk New Member

    hornworm damage

    A hornworm can damage a tomato plant but normally doesn't do damage to more than one. two placed on a sacrificial plant would probably suffice leaving the others alone or little damage. Having the hummingbird moths around in the evening is worth a sacrificial tomato plant:) I have had them all around me for most of my 66 years and miss them greatly now a days with people spraying nematodes all around destroying every caterpillar they encounter:( They destroy the monarchs as well.

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